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How to prepare for a sporting challenge


Melanie Windridge mountaineerAre you intending to enjoy more of the outdoors in 2019? Maybe by starting to run or climb? Or will you participate in your first marathon? Whatever sporting challenge you set yourself, proper preparation will ensure a healthy and enjoyable experience. So we got some tips from expert Dr. Justin Roberts.

When Melanie climbed Everest, Dr. Justin Roberts and his team provided fitness performance testing and advice in the year run-up to the climb. Justin is Principal Lecturer and researcher at Anglia Ruskin University specialising in performance and functional nutrition in relation to sport, health and exercise physiology. He has worked with numerous athletes and adventurers to help them improve their performance and to prepare for big challenges.

These are Justin’s top tips for preparing for a sporting challenge!


Plan your training in advance, give yourself enough time to adequately prepare specific to your event.


Never overdo your training. It is better to monitor gradual progression than pushing too hard too soon, which can lead to acute injuries or burn-out.


Eat your veggies and be hydrated daily. Cleaning up your diet, and supporting your recovery during training can help benefit your adaptation and progress.


Be positive, enjoy the journey ahead. Obstacles are just minor challenges to grow with.


Regularly remind yourself why you are doing this. Who/what is it for? Use this energy as your guiding motivation to succeed.


Video: In this video Melanie shows how she worked with Justin and his team at the Department for Sport and Exercise Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University. She also explains how new technologies like POWERBreathe and MyZone helped her to physically prepare for climbing Everest.

To find out more about how you can benefit from fitness testing and event advice, please visit www.anglia.ac.uk/exercisetesting or email: Justin.roberts@anglia.ac.uk


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