Plasma physics is what connects the aurora (northern or southern lights) and fusion energy. When Melanie finished her fusion PhD she thought, “I’m a plasma physicist, I should see the most spectacular natural plasma phenomenon,” i.e. the northern lights. So she did, and that started a beautiful journey she never expected, which is retold in her book, Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights.If you want to truly know about the northern lights in all its facets (science, history, art, travel) then this book is for you. It also tells you how the description you hear about the northern lights from most tour guides is subtly flawed. Get the true story of the aurora by reading this book.

“A brilliant blend of auroral science, polar exploration, Sami heritage and folklore. Melanie Windridge’s book is full of wonders.” The Simple Things magazine

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Book about the Aurora by Melanie Windridge

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