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Results of the experiments made on an expedition to Putha Hiunchuli, Nepal, and featuring in the Mountain Science film.


Mountain Science project

Melanie went to the Himalayas to climb Putha Hiunchuli, the highest peak she had ever attempted. As part of this trip she developed educational resources on the science behind some of the things you might want to think about if you’re venturing into the mountains.

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Insulation 2 – a different lesson

Mountain Science - preliminary results 5 This post is about an experiment I did that gave quite unexpected results. As well as looking at insulation of particular fabrics, as in the previous blog, I wanted to have a look at the insulating properties of some

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Mountain science - preliminary results 4 This experiment looks at the insulation properties of three different fabrics - cotton, primaloft and down. I did a simple test with my Vernier data logger and some samples.  I set the data logger up with three temperature probes

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Ultraviolet radiation at altitude

Mountain Science – preliminary results 3 At higher altitudes, the intensity of ultraviolet (UV) radiation increases because there is less atmosphere above to absorb the ultraviolet rays.  The UV intensity also increases the closer we go towards the equator, so climbers from the UK who

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Reduced air pressure & the body

Mountain Science – preliminary results 2 In the last blog we looked at how air pressure reduces at altitude and the effect this has on the boiling point of water.  This reduced air pressure also has a serious effect on the human body. Reduced air

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Air pressure at altitude

Mountain Science - preliminary results 1 I've recently been looking over the data I took while on expedition to Putha Hiunchuli in Nepal.  The plan was to take some data and do some experiments looking at basic science in the mountains, particularly around issues that

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Putha Hiunchuli Expedition

I just arrived home from Kathmandu yesterday evening after a month in the remote Dolpo region of western Nepal. Nine of us plus guide and sherpas were attempting to climb Putha Hiunchuli (7246m). Being home for such a short time, I’m struck by the

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