November 30, 2016 Melanie Windridge

Christmas Aurora book ideas


Pile of books about the northern lights – by Philip Pullman, Lucy Jago, Lucie Green, Melanie Windridge, Mindy Dwyer.

Christmas is just around the corner so here are some book ideas for the aurora fanatic in your life. Hopefully they have already read mine! Here are some others they might find interesting, inspiring or fun!

"The Northern Lights" book by Lucy Jago

“The Northern Lights” book by Lucy Jago

The Northern Lights by Lucy Jago

A biography of Kristian Birkeland, the Norwegian physicist who made a profound contribution to the science of the aurora. Birkeland was the first to come up with a plausible description for what causes the polar lights. This book gives a fascinating insight into his life and work and interesting descriptions of the Arctic expeditions he ran. He and his colleagues braved harsh conditions to observe and measure but these expeditions helped him to develop his theories.

"15 Millon Degrees" book by Lucie Green

“15 Millon Degrees” book by Lucie Green

15 Millon Degrees by Lucie Green

The aurora starts right back at the Sun, with the ‘solar wind’ of charged particles providing the energy to drive the beautiful light displays. In 15 Million Degrees, Lucie Green takes us on a journey to the centre of the Sun, helping us learn more about our parent star and its effects on Earth.

"Northern Lights: His Dark Materials 1" book by Philip Pullman

“Northern Lights: His Dark Materials 1” book by Philip Pullman

Northern Lights: His Dark Materials 1 by Philip Pullman

For fiction lovers, this book brings a touch of magic to the northern lights. It takes us on an Arctic journey to Svalbard – a harsh but beautiful place, I can tell you – meeting ice bears and witches on a mysterious adventure. If you mention the northern lights to anyone, they think of this book!

And, finally, for your little ones…

"Northern Lights A to Z" book by Mindy Dwyer

“Northern Lights A to Z” book by Mindy Dwyer

Northern Lights A to Z by Mindy Dwyer

This picture book gives facts and legends about the northern lights for each letter of the alphabet, giving children an appreciation of the beauty and the stories of the aurora.

Enjoy the holiday season!

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