July 22, 2019 Lucia Schweigert

A Visual Orchestra in the Sky

David Saul Fineberg Tromso, northern lights

David used a timer and long exposure to capture this photo of himself experiencing the northern lights in Tromsø

A poem by David Saul Fineberg, inspired by his trip to Tromsø in February 2016.

A Visual Orchestra in the Sky

It was a visual orchestra in the sky

Colours like I’d never seen before
Green spread across the canvas of night
Flirting with the stars
The shades intertwined like lovers in the heat of passion
Gently toying with my senses
And then, like a lion startled
It awoke, and roared like fire
A hint of red
A flash of white
The colours leaped across the horizon
Like ballet dancers perfectly in tune
They danced, they laughed
They drank
They spoke silently
They ducked, they dived
They made love, they argued
They stepped in, they stepped out
Like an overstretched S writing poems between the planets
They looked at me
They looked at you
They winked, and they left
The white sailed away
The red burned out
Only the green remained
In that moment I had no words
It was a visual orchestra in the sky
It was a dance across the horizon
It was magic from above
It was the subtle machinery of awe

– David Saul Fineberg

David travelled 350 kilometres north of the Arctic circle in search of the northern lights.

He wrote this poem just after his return and a day later, he performed it at the spoken word night Word Up. You can see more of his photography on his Instagram profile:


Word up ran at Harlesden Picture Palace from 2015-2018. You can learn more about the night and watch more spoken word performances on their website http://wordupldn.co.uk/videos/.

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