Melanie Windridge is a plasma physicist with a PhD in fusion energy from Imperial College London. She works as a consultant with science and technology start-up businesses – including Tokamak Energy in nuclear fusion – and in education.  An expert in the aurora and in fusion energy, she likes to combine her scientific knowledge and experience with her love of adventure to promote a better understanding of science through writingpublic lectures, science festivals, videos and television. »Read more



“I really appreciate the work you do, especially with schools. What you said in your talk made me even more interested in the physics of fusion and I am sure it inspires many others as well!”

Sophie, Year 10, Beaconsfield High School

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Melanie's award-winning book "AURORA" was released 25th February 2016 and is now out in paperback too.

Read more about Melanie’s books:

»Aurora: In search of the Northern Lights

»Star Chambers: The Race for Fusion Power

»The ASLI Award for Aurora



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Find out more about the work Melanie does



and check out the blog, Science at Extremes, for stories about the spectacular aurora, mountain climbs, polar adventures and more!

Melanie Windridge’s books on Goodreads

Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights
Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights

reviews: 2

ratings: 15 (avg rating 3.47)

Star Chambers
Star Chambers

reviews: 1

ratings: 4 (avg rating 3.25)

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