Women in Fusion is an initiative started by Melanie that helps women in the fusion industry share their voices and experiences working in a competitive field primarily occupied by men.
With the rapid growth of the industry, it is important to ensure that inclusion and diversity is at the heart of the field to facilitate the most productive environment. The Women in Fusion Instagram account strives to showcase the female faces behind the most ambitious project on the journey to clean and sustainable fusion power in order to inspire young women coming into the field and reassure them that science is a place for them too.

If you are in any way involved in the fusion industry (comms, accounts, supporting roles… are all welcome too) and would like to be featured on the page, write to us or complete the form with short answers to these questions:

  • What in fusion do you work on?
  • Why did you get into fusion?
  • Any advice for others looking to get into fusion?
  • Share something about yourself and what you do outside of work.

Please also include a few photos of yourself and your full name, affiliation, and social handles you are happy for us to share.

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