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Xtreme Everest & high altitude physiology

Last week, 23rd May 2017, was the 10th anniversary of the Cauldwell Xtreme Everest expedition, a research project that placed a medical research team on the summit of Mount Everest in 2007.

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Google Singapore’s Innovative Workspace

Today I visited the new Google offices in Singapore – a collaborative workspace that supports innovation and creativity. And Google is specifically recruiting engineers.

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Thoughts on Women in Science

Why should we care about girls in science?

After comments on Nature article “Women in physics face big hurdles – still,” I give my thoughts on the importance of encouraging girls in science.

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Wanting my life back…

Talking to a family about fusion energy at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition 2015.

Worrying about the ever-lengthening To Do list, I found myself thinking, à la Nigel Farage, “I want my life back!” But then I thought…

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Mapiraju (5424m)

Climb report from Mapiraju, a 5400m peak in the Peruvian Cordillera Blanca. Climbed Saturday 18th June 2016.

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Jatunmontepunchu (5421m)

Climb report from Jatunmontepuncu (Huapi), a 5400m peak in the Peruvian Cordillera Blanca. Climbed Wednesday 15th June 2016.

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Chopiraju Oeste (5475m)

Climb report from Chopiraju Oeste, a 5400m peak in the Peruvian Cordillera Blanca. Climbed Sunday 12th June 2016.

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Climbing in Peru

Just returned from climbing in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca with an Alpine Club team, tackling various objectives in small groups.

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Huaraz, Peru

Just arrived in Huaraz, Peru with the Alpine Club. Here I share photos, first impressions and our plans for climbing.

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5 fascinating Antarctica facts

I would love to go to Antarctica and I’m making plans for my next project. Here are 5 crazy things I’ve learnt about Antarctica recently.

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Climbing Aconcagua

Aconcagua (6962m) is the highest mountain on the South American continent, one of the Seven Summits and the highest mountain outside of Asia.

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Life-saving tips – Extreme Medicine

A handful of practical tips that I’ve learned at the World Extreme Medicine Expo that might help you on your own adventures.

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