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Personal stories of the most beautiful natural event on the planet

Since writing my book on the aurora, several people have written to me or come to speak to me at events to tell me their own stories of the aurora. It is such a beautiful, emotive topic, so I’ve started this collection of Aurora Stories so we can all share the magic of the aurora.

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What is the aurora?

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When is the season for the northern lights?

Winter aurora. Photo: The Aurora Zone, Antti Pietikainen

When is northern lights season? And how does the experience change as the season progresses? We help you plan your perfect aurora trip.

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Aurora in Yellowknife

Aurora in Yellowknife by Martin Izzard

Aurora hunter Martin Izzard shares a new northern lights experience, this time in Yellowknife, Canada, where he took aurora photos and captured the “Merry Dancers” on video.

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Top places for a New Years Eve aurora break

Forget the fireworks at New Year. Instead, head north for a different kind of spectacular light show! Here are our top picks for a European New Years Eve getaway.

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Where to see the Northern Lights

Wild aurora in northern Norway.

Seeing the Northern Lights is high up on many people’s travel wish list, but it can be an elusive occurrence. Enter the Live Aurora Network!

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How to film the aurora

Filming the Aurora

Would you like to know how to film the aurora? Follow these top three tips on how to best capture the northern lights on camera to record the dance of the northern lights yourself.

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Best place and time to see the aurora?

What is the best place and time to see the aurora?
I get asked this question a lot, and there’s no simple answer. But in what follows I give you some things to think about.

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Icehotel & aurora with Mum

I was working on a short trip to Sweden with Discover the World and this time I took my mother along for her first taste of the Arctic. She loved it!

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Aboriginal Sky Stories

Big Warrambool - the Milky Way in Aboriginal culture

Would it be possible to see the aurora during a solar eclipse? And has it happened in the past? The answer is maybe. It’s not impossible, but it would be a very rare occurrence.

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If Van Gogh painted aurora

Val Fulford, an artist for the film Loving Vincent, shares her thoughts on painting the aurora in Van Gogh’s style.

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Aurora at Bamburgh Castle

Moya Gracie shares her story of New Year in Northumberland.

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Emerald Freeways

A poem by Hamilton Lund, inspired by his trip to Blachford Lake Lodge in February 2017 with the Cloud Appreciation Society.

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My Great American Eclipse

A total solar eclipse is a wonder to witness. Here’s my story of the eclipse in America on 21st August and some thoughts on whether or not to photograph.

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Eclipses & Aurora

Like the northern lights, eclipses have been viewed since ancient times, often with a mixture of fear and awe. We all have a connection to the Sun; our planet too.

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Tales of an aurora addict 3

Aurora addict Rosie Thompson continues her aurora story with a new trip in February 2017. Snowstorms, IceHotel and Goddess Aurora!

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Who was Kristian Birkeland?

This week is the 100th anniversary of Kristian Birkeland’s death, and people are celebrating his life and work. But who was Kristian Birkeland?

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Southern lights spectacular

A good geomagnetic storm at the weekend gave particularly good sightings of the southern lights in New Zealand and Tasmania. Ian Griffin shares his pictures of the aurora australis.

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Auroral substorms & Alaska

Aurora appears over the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Courtesy of Taro Nakai.

Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights came out in the USA this week, so here is an extract on auroral substorms – the aurora pattern that was first noticed by a researcher from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

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Is a magnetic field reversal imminent?

The Earth’s magnetic field has reversed polarity several times in its history. But when might the magnetic field reverse again? And what might it mean for the aurora?

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5 reasons you need to see the aurora

You’ve read about it, you’ve seen the pictures, it’s somewhere on your bucket list…. Well, here are 5 reasons why you really should go to see the aurora.

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Aurora wins Rutherford Communication Prize

Melanie Windridge wins the Institute of Physics’ Rutherford Plasma Physics Communication Prize for Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights.

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My best aurora… so far!

I recently returned from a trip to Canada with the Cloud Appreciation Society where I saw, and photographed, some beautiful aurora. It was a wonderful trip…

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