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Personal stories of the most beautiful natural event on the planet

Since writing my book on the aurora, several people have written to me or come to speak to me at events to tell me their own stories of the aurora. It is such a beautiful, emotive topic, so I’ve started this collection of Aurora Stories so we can all share the magic of the aurora.

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What is the aurora?

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5 reasons you need to see the aurora


You’ve read about it, you’ve seen the pictures, it’s somewhere on your bucket list…. Well, here are 5 reasons why you really should go to see the aurora.

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Aurora wins Rutherford Communication Prize


Melanie Windridge wins the Institute of Physics’ Rutherford Plasma Physics Communication Prize for Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights.

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My best aurora… so far!

A night of active aurora at  Blachford Lake Lodge, near Yellowknife, Canada.

I recently returned from a trip to Canada with the Cloud Appreciation Society where I saw, and photographed, some beautiful aurora. It was a wonderful trip…

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Sounds of the northern lights


This story by Martin Izzard got me thinking about the sounds of the aurora again – a mystery that is not completely solved.

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Aurora wins ASLI Choice Award


Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights won the Atmospheric Science Librarians International (ASLI) Choice Award in the “popular” category for 2016. I’m delighted, and I just received the plaque!

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The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen


Brian Stanic introduces us to a traditional Scottish song about the aurora – The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen.

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Welsh Aurora & Dark Skies

Startrails over Wales with the aurora behind.

Astronomer Huw James tells us about seeing the aurora from his home country of Wales and we learn about Dark Sky Sites in the UK.

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Hogmanay Light Show 2015

aurora over Thurso, Scotland.

Gordon Mackie tells of a particularly memorable passage from one calendar year to the next – seeing in the new year watching the aurora over Thurso.

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Aurora Art

"Under Aurora Skies" painting by Ellie Mulhern

Ellie Mulhern is an artist based in Scotland who creates enchanting landscapes that capture the beauty of the hills, coastline and the northern lights.

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Christmas Aurora book ideas


Christmas is just around the corner so here are some book ideas for the aurora fanatic in your life. Hopefully they have already read mine! Here are some others they might find interesting, inspiring or fun!

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Aurora in the Eighties

Aurora 1982.

Duncan Waldron recalls photographing the aurora during a large event in 1982, and how his pictures were influential within the British Astronomical Association.

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Planning an aurora trip – 5 tips


With the aurora season ramping up, Best Served Scandinavia’s top Northern Lights agent, Maddie Eleini, gives her top 5 tips for planning a Northern Lights holiday.

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Dream trip – Lusto, Finland

Out in the Lapland forest wearing all our clothes and more.

Ceri stepped out of her travel comfort zone to fulfil a dream – she went on a winter activity holiday where the prize was the northern lights.

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Surprising power of solar storms

Infrared emission of the atmosphere showing that much of the energy dumped into the atmosphere during a solar storm is re-radiated.

A video from NASA tells the story of a big solar storm in March 2012 and what happens to all the energy dumped into the atmosphere at these times.

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Photography tips from CAG

Gordon and me trying to photograph the aurora as the clouds came in. The stars were beautiful. Photo by Maciej Winiarczyk.

The members of Caithness Astronomy Group are avid aurora photographers and I got some composition tips when I was out photographing with them on Orkney.

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Tales of an aurora addict 2

Twisting northern lights above Abisko, Sweden.

Aurora addict Rosie Thompson continues her aurora story with a mini-break to Abisko and a beautiful northern lights display.

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Tales of an aurora addict 1

Art Suite at the Icehotel in Sweden.

Aurora addict Rosie Thompson tells us about her numerous visits to the Arctic to see the northern lights.

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Getting that winning shot

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 14.40.09

This video gives a glimpse into the extreme conditions aurora photographers sometimes face to get *that* aurora shot.

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How NOT to photograph the aurora

Northern Lights over Orkney on a cloudy, moonlit night.

Andy Sawyers relates his story of seeing the aurora in Orkney and trying to photograph them unprepared.

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Romantic Lights, Vermont


It was a romantic experience for an Irish ski worker in Vermont, 1989, when they were treated to a surprising auroral display.

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In the Loft


NorthernLights in London? Yes! John Evans tracks down his old photos from that famous solar storm in 1989.

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